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05 Nov in 04:24
Mega update launcher 2.0

Hello, dear friends
We updated a launcher of our game project to version 2.0

Below the list of changes and improvements is provided:
Shop - a new tab of a personal account
The currency of your accounting record (Bonuses and coins) is kept in this tab
Information on relevant events of a personal account on different services and shop
There are separate tabs for vote, referral system and shop.
The Save the Character function is integrated. To use, it is necessary to press the nickname and to choose the character.
The menu item "An entrance" is renamed by a car in "In addition"
Function of autoconnection to chat/world at start of a game from a launcher is added
On the homepage, in a tab "Shop" extended the list of news, now slides are available there
Upon transition to the News tab, the latest news open
Synchronization of news from the website in a launcher is added
The system of installation/removal/updating лаунчера / games through the program of start is completely processed

Error correction:
The majority of problems which users according to messages from a project forum faced is resolved
The downloaded client through uTorrent from the website correctly is perceived launchery
If the application stops work, instead of its closing the mistake with the description of a problem will appear
For successful updating of a launcher, it is necessary to download it from our website at the link below

To avoid problems, it is recommended to remove the old version of a launcher previously.

At emergence of any sort of mistakes the earnest request to describe them

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