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06 Jul in 13:30
Updating your personal cabinet

Dear friends!
On June 30 digging of two new game worlds of our server took place, but also not only.
At the time of opening of servers there was also an up-dating of a private office and we want to tell about it to you a little in more detail.
We will begin with the fact that the design and the interface of a personal kabnet was completely updated. Thanks to it it changed and became much more convenient.
The shop for the game worlds of x75 and Fun was added. The auction is still available to players from the x10 server. The system of a donation is entered. In case of addition of balance of a private office the player receives coins for which he can acquire the objects offered by shop. All objects are sorted on category for your convenience.
Also, we added also shop for bonuses. In it you can exchange bonuses half-scientific by vote for our project, and invitations in a game of friends. You can always get high-quality support, having used system of tiket of a private office. If you faced any problem, safely use the button of Technical Support. Won't keep itself to wait for the answer long.
More details about the Private Office can be found at our forum.
Don't forget to invite friends and to vote for our project.

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