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05 Jul in 02:34
Hotfix changelogs #16

Dear users of the project Legiondep.
We are glad to provide you with a list of changes for the past period, from June 15 to June 30.
Below is a list of fixes.

Fix 10 reasons for the server crash.
Fix a bug with a coin toss, when the cast animation did not end and loot / gold was not given.
Implementation of the starting chain demon hunter
Fix sending incorrect information to the client about personal loot.
Added autosave after getting things from the World Boss.
Added 45 local quests (Half of the quests from Draenor, half of Azzun / Walshar).
The bonus generator for things has been rewritten (now the chance for a second roll at hardening is higher).
Implementeda protection against failures in obtaining legends (Description below)
fix exploit, when objects were opened in the dungeon and the level of the object dropped there corresponding to the complexity of the dungeon.
Tanks now receive 25% more damage in PvP.
fix exploit with itme () + Added diminishing (for tanks).
fix damage .
Fix the end point of the arrival of Charge effects (Example: ).
Now, the heals in PvP hit 25% less (except for the Specialization Obedience).
Partially implemented chat "LFG". Connection is possible only by hand, /join LFG.
Fix about 4 reasons for the server crash.
Remove artifact spells after changing specialization.
Added basic chance of dropping legendary items (TKP / 100 =%).
fix a bug where things did not come for playing time.
fix a bug with a dyup of characters in guilds.
fix for studies in the inscription.
fix on the starting location of the Demon Hunters.

- Adjustment.

Death Knight:
- fix proc.

fix .
Adjustment .

implemented .

fix и .
After use Under the buff will disappear after use, as well as if the criticaldamage, then goes to the record in the Band of Luck.

fix .
fix .
fix .
fix .

fix .

fix . Now only doctors are used as targets.
implemented Recovery time for forms: , , , , , , (1.5 sec).
Now it will not work from AoE spells, and also disappears when or End their time of action. Now the stacks will not accumulate from.
fix damage other price.
fix display of Astral Power, if damage is not done.
Using Now used .
fixие стаков и , а также fix увеличение damageа, которое не зависит от них.
implemented .
fix damage и (Crit probability x2, + 50% of invisibility, and 20% damage for bleeding).
Now it hits 50% less in PvP.
or"> Fix damage, now ignores armor, and also inflicts 100% more if you strike from invisibility.
fix damage .

Demon Hunter:
fix damage and .

World Boss:
The system of CD on the World bosses is rewritten.
implementedа Levantia.
Now appears 1 boss, the existence of 2 days, after another WB is activated.
For killing the World Boss, you can receive the item only once, then save the CD for 2 days, other ways of getting things (coin tossing) are not counted in the CD counter.
Boss respawn time is 4.5 minutes.

implementedо Lair of Neltharion.

Emerald Nightmare:
implementedы Dragons of Nightmare ().
More time to spawn totems .
fix .
fix радиус поражения у .

Нип:"> Added level scaling.

Various fixes for Hidjal.

Shadowglen - fix quest.
Valley of Trials - fix quest.

- fix rewards.

Protection against failure:
1 legendary - 194.
2 legendary - 578.
3 legendary - 1225.
4 legendary - 2181.
5 legendary - 4800.
6+ the legendary - 9600.

Victory in the arena - 1.
Victory on BG / RBG - 2.
The passage of the Legion dungeons (Normal / Heroic) - 2.
The passage of the Legion dungeons (Epochal) - 3.
Killing the boss in Legion raid (Normal) - 3.
Murder of the boss in the Legion raid (Heroic) - 4.
Killing the boss in the Legion raid (Epochal) - 6.
Murder of the world boss - 3
Killing monsters in the ordinary world / dungeons / raids - 0.002.

Formula odds of falling out of things:
Total chance = 100 / total number of legendary items for the class.
The total chance of any category = 100 / total number of common legendary items + total chance.
Non-specialized chance = 100 / total number of legendary items for several specializations + common chance.
Specialized chance = 100 / total number of legendary items for specialization + general chance.
When the cap is reached, the chance becomes 100%, the accrued drop is not discarded and continues to accumulate. If the bag is full, the legendary thing will be sent to the post.
The village of Anglers in Pandaria is completely inhabited.

- scripts..
- implemented.
- fix.
- add phase.
- fix.
- fix.
- fix.
- fix.
Added phasing for spiritualists in the DK zone.

- added phasing and fix respawn time.

item added.
item added.
- item added.
Added missing vendors in Pandaria and in .
- update.
- fix.
- fix price.
Update vendors for «Zone-52».
- fix.

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