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14 Jun in 13:23
Changelogs #16

Dear users of the project Legiondep.
We are happy to provide you with a list of changes for the past period, from May 27 to June 14.
Below is a list of fixes.

Optimizing the core.
Fixed about 5 causes of server crash.
Adjustments to the system of local tasks.
Implementing a damage increase for low-level mobs.
Personal loot for World Bosses.
Implemented CD on world bosses (Now the chance of dropping things is 100%, after the chance becomes 0% for all bosses).
Implemented an additional cast (So far it only works on world bosses).
Sending items by mail in case the bag is crammed (For personal loot).
Fixed updating of the power.
Implemented the system of spawn area triggers (Required for proper teleportation to dungeons, also used in the script of various events).
The system of dialogues.
Increased Cap.
Implemented the scaling of things depending on the level of the player for the tasks. Now DX at the training are trained in riding.
Correct visual errors of daily and weekly auto-running tasks.
Correcting bugs in the start locations Pandarenov, Worgen, Humans and Dwarves.
Fixed displaying of Aren 2v2 / 3v3 statistics and Ranking battlefield when viewing the player.
Realization of statistics Aren 2v2 / 3v3 and Rating battlefield in the PVP tab is implemented.
Fixed bug with faction on BG.

Corrections .
Implemented SPELL_EFFECT_TRIGGER_SPELL_3 Corrects most tasks.
Implemented SPELL_EFFECT_SUMMON_OBJECT Corrects most tasks.
Implemented SPELL_EFFECT_REPUTATION (Used in items or for performing tasks to obtain any reputation).
Implemented SPELL_EFFECT_PLAY_SCENEOBJECT Used in tasks (scene cut).
Rewritten SPELL_EFFECT_DEATH_GRIP (Used by DC (Grasp of Death)).
Implemented SPELL_EFFECT_INCREASE_SKILL (Example: ).
Players now deal damage (Missiles, Spell), and also heal 50% less with CRETE in PVP.

Spiral Movement Implemented.
Partially implemented.
Fixed a bug of damage to mobs.

added height of popping.
Implemented .
Traps are now despawn after 2 seconds after activation.

Partial implementation

Rewritten .
Rewritten movement initialization.

Implemented the correct formula for causing damage.
Fixed a bug of re-overlapping abilities on the main target.
Fixed a bug with Pro in all specializations up to 14 lvl'a.
Accelerated speed of fall.
Implemented the restoration of the ability "Fire explosion".
A contribution to the "Band of Luck".
Fixed bug of appearance of an elemental when using talent.
Reduced attack speed of the attacker.
Implemented Attack Damage Attack.
Implemented to dispel the buff while casting spells.
a bug of autoprocess when entering the game \ change branches.
Implemented debuff.
, Rewritten Movement Initialization Rewritten.

fixed visual teleport.
Implemented the correct number of summoned demons.


is rewritten. Realized

Corrections of

Demon Hunter:
Fixed and (hidden skill modifiers + skill) + Ignore Armor.
Recalculation of lives in PVP.

Death Knight:
Fixed a bug where damage was not inflicted when the caster was far from the puddle.
Fixed from and
Rewritten movement initialization.

Artifacts will not be lost any more, if somehow the player has been dropped talents.
The automatic replacement of artifacts with a change of specialization.
Fixed the level of the object in the background artifact.

Implemented a resource regeneration calculator (energy, concentration, strength of runes).

World Bosses:
Flotsam: Fixed a bug with the death of the boss.
Fixed a loot.
Fixed a visual bug with an anchor.
Added immunity to spells.
Fixed spawn cd.

Dungeons & Raids:
Emerald Nightmare:
- Fixed a bug with the hang of the boss.
- Implemented (Available June 16-20).
Dialog translated added.
Implemented dialogs.

Black Rook Hold:
Fixes of bugs with hangs of bosses.

Stormstout Brewery:
Fixed spawns with mobs.
Scripting Correction.

Mogu'shan Vaults:
Added chests.
Scripting Correction.

Siege of Niuzao Temple:
Scripting Correction.

Temple of the Jade Serpent:
Scripting Correction.

Terrace of Endless Spring:
Scripting Correction.

The Stockade:

Arena Ratings and Battlegrounds:
Implemented rating BG and arenas.
The statistics of the Arena and BG player under 7.1.5 are rewritten.
Fixed statistics on the Arena (rating change, MMR selection of players).
Fixed rating obtained in the Arena and BG.
Criteria for Achievements (Win on the Ranking battlefield, as well as win several times) are implemented.
Fixed registration for the Arena and BG.
Fixed sticking menu Aren and BG, if you did not have time to join the battle.
All rating arenas are implemented and ready to accept players.
Fixed many bugs related to BG and Arenas.

Added missing portals in capitals.
Portals in Suramar.

Isle of Thunder:
Added portals.


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