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30 May in 14:33
Changelogs #15

Dear users of the project Legiondep.
We are happy to provide you with a list of changes for the past period, from May 11 to May 26.
Below is a list of fixes.

Optimization of the core(Fixed about 100 errors when loading the server).
Fixed displaying corpses after the death of the player.
Fixed more than 10 reasons for the server crash.
Fixed position calculator to the nearest objects during phasing.
Removed the levels of the guild.
Fixed a problem with quest items for completing quests.
Fixed a bug with the reset timer on instances.
Self-healing is scaling.
Fix bugs with stats.
Edit on vehicles.

General information:
Removed the cast time check, now fixed problems with similar spells like .
Fixed .

Fixed talent .
Fixed the from the .
Rewritten + removed double damage.
Fixed .
is fixed.

Rewritten .
Rewritten .
Rewritten .
Rewritten .
Fixed .
Fixed .
Fixed .
Fixed .
Fixed .
Fixed .
All the effects and impact from the pet + x2 are realized from the skill to the skill of survival.
A bug was fixed when the pet did not attack the target after the "Command Attack" And bypass.
Corrected .
Fixed bonus damage to and , depending on the concentration spent.
now reduces cd for and .
Damage from the is now scaled from the buffs of the bang .
Fixed damage from a .
Implemented talent .
Fixed scaling for special pet attacks. It is now used for all purposes.
now extends to , and .
Will no longer fall when struck.
Removed delay for .
Fixed increased casting time .
Implemented .
Implemented .

Implemented .
Now, Step through the can not be used on oneself and if the caster is in the effect of immobilization.
Fixed a percentage of damage under 7.1.5 .
Fixed .
Fixed .
Fixed .

Fixed the

is now fixed.
Rewritten .
Finesse .
No longer falls from the Dot effects.
Falls from the .
Complete implementation
now correctly gives rise .
Correction of .
Implemented .
Implemented .
Implemented .
Now freezes everyone.
is Rewritten.
Rewritten also now imposes a slowdown on the target.

Fixed use in the camp.
Fixed the completion of the "Storm Strike" recovery time from .
and are now cast when a weapon is used that has been damaged.
will now proc, if the weapon is worn.

Added limit per minute per minute on.
Now decreases when summoning a pet.
The image of the is realized.
Implemented .
Fixed .
The is realized.

Fixed a reduction in the time to restore the decoctions from .
Fixed .
Fixed .
Fixed .
Fixed .
Realization of and .

beats only the main goal and gives the camp.

Demon Hunter:
Fixed damage from autoattacks in the .
Now will be rolled, even if the target has aura of .
Now deals damage and stuns on landing.

Death Knight:
Fixation of .
Fixed .
absorption is now increased by 30%.
Implemented .

World Bosses:
is released.

Dungeons and Raids:
Emerald Nightmare:
Fixed a problem where inertia was hung on the entire raid at Ursoc.
A system of contracting puddles near Nythendrais rewritten.

Casemates of the Guardians:
Optimization of scripts.
Fixed .
The is rewritten.
Fixed .
Fixed .

Fixed removal of the areagliggers for Evade, Death.
Straightforward motion of the pulse at creation.

Cordana felsong:
Implemented .
Rewrote the .

Blackwing Lair:
The Top of the Whirlwind (Realized).
Lair of the Wing of Darkness.
is killable. The raid is fully implemented.

Pit of Saron:
Fixed a problem with the inability to exit the body after wipe on some bosses.

Arenas and Battlegrounds:
Fixed an invitation to the battlefield added to Pandaria, Draenor and Legion.
is rewritten.
Added walls for some bg.
Temple Kotmogu implemented buffs and the accumulation of points, depending on the location of the player with the sphere (3 zones).
Implementation and also fixed a bug when the aura was removed, but the flag was still in the player possession.

Added healers of souls in Draenor.
Edit on the flight attendants in Draenor.
Added missing coordinates to the closest soul healers.



Added reward.

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