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16 May in 23:21
Open new game worlds -x75 and FUN

June 30, it is planned to open two game worlds with the x75 and FUN races.
Thanks to our users, we asked "What game world should we open," we gave several variants and within 15 days the users of our game project made a difficult choice, for which we express our great gratitude to our gaming community.
Below we will provide a detailed list of the concept of game worlds, we have already written what awaits our users, but now I want to introduce you into the course of the matter more fully and in detail, adding to the past news.

Approximate month and opening date on June 30, 2017 at 17:00 Moscow time.
- The game version of these gaming worlds remains the same 7.1.5 (23420)
- There will be a large advertisement campaign both before the opening and after it.
- Exact information about the performance can be seen in the sections in the information on updates, as well as try to play on the game world x10, there is the last kernel of this version.
- Stable updates, which will be published every 2 weeks.
- On the new game worlds, there will not be an auction system (this is a x10 feature and we will remove this feature from the game world x10 as it is unique to the realm), but the store will be available for coins.
- Running the store for coins (system of donations - only for new game worlds x75 and FUN, for x10 this function is not and will not be)
- The opening of these game worlds does not prevent us from working on x10, because all corrections will go synchronously for all our servers.
- Stable opening of these game worlds with a large online.
- Active development of the foreign segment.
- We analyzed all our mistakes earlier.
- By June we plan to release the biggest update, for the entire history of our game project, primarily related to classes / PvP and PvE content, also waiting for a lot of delicious old content and a couple of new systems.
- The best core of Legion, which we bring to mind every day, when compared with other pirated game projects.
- Our game project never makes development on a fast hand, we do it qualitatively! And this is the main guarantee of success!
- A large staff of developers, who every day in the sweat on their face develops and corrects a ton of code.
- Running the store for votes (which are earned by voting for the server / inviting friends / participating in various kinds of promotions)

What functionality is waiting for users to open?
- Implemented a system of drop of legendary items and protection against "Failures"
- Implemented a system of improving items to"Warforged" and "Titanforge"
- Implemented PvP award system
- Many Legion dungeons have been implemented (we plan to implement everything for the opening) - By the opening of new realms, we plan to implement the content from previous expansions, so that users of our game project can comfortably swing.
- Released Emerald Nightmare
- All world bosses are available
- Implemented Artifact System
- Implemented Artifact Knowledge System
- Implemented all battlefields and arenas
- Implemented a system of level scoring, damage and of monsters HP under the level of the player in the locations of the Legion
- Implemented PvP talent system
- The prestige system has been implemented
- Many story lines of the Legion have been implemented
- Full settlement of the locations of the Legion
- A system of mixed battlefields that provides balance in battles
- Implemented a landmark regime
- Ranking ladder in the arena

We also decided to hold a contest on VK to attract the audience.
- You need to join our community:
- Make a repost of a fixed record.

- In the period from 15.06.2017 to 30.06.17 (inclusive), with the purchase of 500 coins in the personal account, you'll receive 20% more coins to your account (actual only for FUN and x75)
Information about the opening of the game world: Legiondep x75
Information about the opening of the game world: Legiondep FUN
We are waiting for you at the start of new game worlds.

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