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18 Dec in 14:32
Changelogs #25

Dear users of the project Legiondep.

This update was the last in this format, further stable fixes and changes will be installed on the game worlds every few days, but the lists of changes will be published with approximately the same frequency.
Below is a list of corrections from November 16 to December 16.

Updated extraction from a NPC on Cleaved Isles
Prizes for prestige, including the appearance of artifacts
Implemented rating for the previous week
Fixed an issue where the legendary items could not fall on your loot class / specialization
Fixed a large number of reasons for the fall of the server, we achieved a stable uptime
A part of the starting tasks in Suramar was realized
Fixed an issue where after the cancellation of the duel you could use PvP talents
- Fixed awards

- now will only apply to the caster
- implemented
- now imposes an effect of forbearance
- fixed the number of targets on which you can hang a particle
- implemented

- now gives energy in all the cases listed
- implemented
Охотник на демонов:
- implemented
- fix
- now does not knock out players out of stealth
- now works correctly, and not immediately after quitting the battle
- now correctly increases the effectiveness of healing
- implemented
- implemented
- Solar anger now extends the time of action of the corresponding effects
- now causes the imposition of 3 charges and spends them one at a time
- implemented
- Now does not affect the current confession (if there was a prop in the utterance)
- now renews the atonement of guilt on the character and allies
- implemented
Рыцарь смерти:
- implemented
- corrected the calculation of the damage by time
- implemented
- Now the absorption has a correct value and is summed up
- implemented
- implemented
- fix problem when the effect was superimposed, but the shape of the wolf is not there
- implemented
- implemented
- Now has a bonus to damage in the amount of critical strike probability
- implemented
- fix no damage inflicted
- implemented
- implemented
- implemented
- fix increase in speed of movement
Легендарные предметы:
- implemented
- implemented
- implemented
- now you can create
- now gives armor
- now has loot
Подземелья и рейды:
implemented raid Soul of the Dragon (some corrections will be made)
Some changes to the Lost Temple of the Underground
fix the bridge to in the Serpentine Sanctuary
fixa Helia's work in the Cliffs of Hell's Mouth
In the CLK, the fix is the Nerub'ar Overseer
fixa teleportation to the first boss in Oculus

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