Legion x10

Uptime: 0 d. 10 h. 17 m.

Client version: 7.1.5(23420)


Legion x75

Uptime: 0 d. 14 h. 15 m.

Client version: 7.1.5(23420)


Legion FUN

Uptime: 0 d. 16 h. 38 m.

Client version: 7.1.5(23420)


To play


Download launcher Legiondep, it will help you start the game without any problems.
Be careful, the launcher is currently in beta testing, all possible problems send to the forum in the support section.

Game Client

1. Download Our client uTorrent
2. Start the game through the Legiondep.exe or Legiondep-64.exe
3. Login under her own account

But in the future the game client download and update will be available in our game server launcher

You can start the game we provided when the game client is not following additions World of Warcraft: Legion
To use a foreign customer, for this is just download our files and let down them in a folder with a game

Download a special client for MacOS
1. Download client for MacOS.
2. Start the game through World of Warcraft
3. Log in with your account

Our server supports all versions of the Legion supplement the gameplay server uses the latest version of WoW.

All information

Game world x10 completely without any donations, but the game worlds x75 and Fun include this functio.

If you do not Legiondep account, you can visit of registration and create your account.

You must fill in the form to indicate your email, password, and you will be prompted to enter a user name. Once youre registered your account with us.