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Opening Information: Legiondep FUN

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Opening of the game world Legiondep FUN, will be held June 30 at 19:00 Moscow time.

The opening of a new game world is scheduled for the end of June, the exact date will be announced later.

Information about the realm FUN:

  • Starting level of characters - 110.
  • Version 7.1.5
  • Cross-Faction Battlegrounds
  • Starting PvP items are level 815.
  • PvE sets and items (up to 860 item level) that will be sold for PvP tokens.
  • Sets and items for transmogrification, as well as other interesting awards (pets, mounts) can be obtained for signs that will drop in the arenas and battlefields.
  • The artifact power leveling will be simplified. For each battle won in the arena or battlefield you will be able to receive the and other items to improve the strength of the artifact.
  • Artifact Knowledge will drop from killing players in Battlegrounds/Arenas on percentage chance.
  • All professions and recipes will be learned automatically
  • Free ingredients for the professions.
  • Resurrection of world Legion bosses every hour.
  • Resurrection of world bosses of old expansions, every 5 minutes.
  • Obtaining items from PvP battles in skirmishes will be 820 to 840 (item level).

Events on the realm FUN:

  • Characters who reached level 110 and spent more than 72 hours in the game during the first week after opening will receive 200 coins in their personal account.
  • In the first month after the opening, players will be able to get a free full set of 840-level items (epoch-making quality) items.

Useful links:
How to connect
Help with solving connection problems
Technical support

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