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Mr. Anderson

Opening Information: Legiondep x75

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Opening of the game world Legiondep x75, will be held June 30 at 17:00 Moscow time.


The opening of a new game world is scheduled for the end of June, the exact date will be announced later.

Information about the x75 realm :

  • Experience - x75.
  • Gold Drop is x10.
  • Reputation Gain - x5.
  • Loot Drop Chance -  x10.
  • Profession Rate - x10.

Information of the game world x75:

  • Type of game world: PvE
  • Version 7.1.5
  • Large Up time
  • Donation Shop Available
  • Frequent updates and bug fixes
  • Qualitative technical support
  • International game world
  • Reset raids / World bosses: every 2 days.

Events on the  x75 realm :

  • Characters that reached level 110 and spent more than 72 hours in the game the first week after the opening, will receive 100 coins.
  • After spending 24 hours in the game each player will be given a chest in which there will be an in-game reward. The list of items will be added later.
  • A reward for the time spent in the game.
  • In the first week after the opening, boxes with loot awards will be available in each capital city in both factions.

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