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  1. Who - DrconaxWhat - The box have no loot included.Where - Fun Realm, New Dalaran (Broken Isles)When - 15.07.2017How - I open the item and it has no loot in it. Screenshot proof: http://imgur.com/a/oVomN
  2. Who - DrconaxWhat - When I am in a PvP Instance like arena or Duel the Talent brokes my Orb...The orb doesn´t even spawn anymore after choosing the Honor talent.Where - Fun Realm, PvP Instance (Arena, Duel).When - 15.07.2017How - I choose the Honor Talent as Frost Mage and when I use it nothing happen.
  3. + Hopefully. I stop playing shaman cuz of that..PvP is unplayable without the shield totem.
  4. Thanks Notch for replying Maybe you can replay a bit faster next time
  5. I´m sorry but since Legion you can stack Unstable Affliction (UA) But the dmg can be broken..i´m not sure about that.
  6. Waiiiiit....I´m so confused..There are two different forums to report bugs. Watch this section: http://legiondep.com/en/forum/index.php?/forum/62-bug-tracker/ and the one where you report the bug. You get to this other Bug-tracker forum when you click Forum->Bug-Tracker->Report a Bug.
  7. I did a report on "Shaman bug reports" Some days ago.
  8. I did a report on "Shaman bug reports" Some days ago.
  9. Duplicate.
  10. That won´t help because it´s server side. My client is set on english.
  11. Who - TarlonyWhat - Healing Surge doesn´t become instant cast when I have 20+ maelstrom.Where - Fun Realm, Azsuna.When - 30.06.2017, around 21:45 pm (EU west time)How - I wanna instant heal myself but It does not work when I have 20+ maelstrom. Healing Surge (Enhancement) SPELL (Wowhead-link): Screenshot proof:
  12. Who - TarlonyWhat - Scouting Map does not work in the Shaman Class Hall. Perhaps in other Class Halls either.Where - Fun Realm, Shaman Class Hall.When - 30.06.2017, around 19:20 pm (Europe west time)How - I was trying to get the start quest for Azsuna but the Scouting Map doesn´t work at all. Screenshot proof:
  13. Who - TarlonyWhat - Cannot change Talent in the arena.Where - Fun Realm, Arena skirmish.When - 30.06.2017, around 18:58 pm (Europe western time)How - I wanted to change my Talent to prefend the enemy comb but it doesn´t work. Screenshot proof:
  14. Who - TarlonyWhat - Earthen Shield Totem does not work. Textures are missing either.Where - Fun Realm, Durotar front of OgrimmarWhen - 30.06.2017, around 18:51 pm (Europe west time)How - I´m using the Totem and it doesn´t work. Earthen Shield Totem (wowhead-link): http://www.wowhead.com/spell=198838/earthen-shield-totem Screenshot proof:
  15. Maybe you can also make the NPC´s bigger..? Was be great either Too many players around the NPC. At least no mounts allowed on that mall