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    • Mr. Anderson

      CAS System error fix   05/08/17

      Hello. Many players have experienced problems with running the game on our server. Basically, it was a problem with the CAS error, which is usually associated with the prohibition of writing and modifying files in the game directory. Our technical support team made a list of options that will help you solve the problem: The first way: Right-click on the file "Legiondep.exe" or "Legiondep-64.exe", then "Run as administrator". We try to go into the game, see if the problem is solved. The second method: Click on the folder with the game with the right mouse button and select "Properties"; Go to the "Security" tab; We find and press the button "Edit"; In the "Authenticated" window, select all the items and at the bottom of the window tick the "Full access"; Save and close; Run the game. The third way: Right click on the folder with the game. Select the "Properties" item. In the item "Attributes" uncheck "Read only". Click 'Apply' and in the suggested window, leave "To this folder and to all subfolders and files". The fourth way: Completely change the location of the game. For example, another folder on the disk. If you have the opportunity to copy the game not just to another folder, but to another disk, then you should do it. Before copying, we also make sure that we have full access to the place where we copy the game. Also do not forget to uncheck "Read only" in the folder properties. It is also necessary that the new location does not contain Cyrillic alphabet The fifth way: If you can not solve the access problem in the above ways, try to start the game with an incomplete client. The sixth way: Download the official Blizzard application; In the folder with the client, change the name of the files "Legiondep.exe" and "Legiondep-64.exe" to "wow.exe" and "wow-64.exe" respectively; Run the Blizzard application and specify the path to the folder with the game; Click update and wait for the update to finish; We enter the game to make sure that all problems have disappeared; Close the game and Blizzard; Download files from our server and copy them to the client folder, agreeing to a replacement; Run the file "Legiondep.exe" or "Legiondep-64.exe" from the game folder, depending on the bit depth of your system; We enter account information and are happy. The first way: Follow this link; Download the program and run; Take advantage of the free version, change your region. Restart the computer.


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  1. TitanStrike

    Will be fixed Submitted to the development team
  2. Hello dear ladies and gentlemen, it has been a long time, but we finally got together to hold a great contest for tape backups. If you are a direct broadcasts and play on the Legiondep.com project, you can monetize the activity and receive awards and participate in the contest the best streamer Legiondep if this contest will manifest itself with a good hand, then we will hold every month and will share the title of "tape of the month". Information: Number of participants: unlimited Number of cashes: 5 Guaranteed prize for participating: 200 coins in personal cabinet Conditions of the competition: It is desirable to have a mic and webcam. (for webcam will accrue additional points) Throughout the month to conduct broadcast playing on Legiondep not less than 12:00 per week. (For non-stop action will accrue additional points, also for the greatest number of hours per week, will also award additional points) Record streams necessarily save on your channel. Write streams necessarily save on your channel. In the title must be specified-Legiondep, as well as our link to your site in the description. Contest start July 28. The end of the competition 30 August. Competition prizes: 1 place: 300$ 2 place: 1000 coins in control panel 3 place: 700 coins in control panel 4 place: 500 coins in control panel 5 place: 400 coins in control panel APPLY FOR PARTICIPATION Example of correct stream:
  3. 1. Link to your feed (Twitch, Youtube, etc.) 2. Your contact information to contact you (Facebook, Skype, etc.)
  4. Temporal Shield

    Corrected. Expect the upcoming update.
  5. Arcane Mage

    Please describe the problem more fully.
  6. Transmog Not Drop/buy able

    Of course, we will fix this. Please report all the defects - http://legiondep.com/en/forum/index.php?/forum/62-bug-tracker/
  7. Здравствуйте, обратитесь на русскоязычный форум: http://legiondep.com/ru/forum
  8. Здравствуйте, обратитесь на русскоязычный форум: http://legiondep.com/ru/forum
  9. English

    Submitted to the development team
  10. Trolling for Information quest

    Submitted to the development team.
  11. Submitted to the development team.
  12. BG fail Drop

    Хочу напомнить, что это форум иностранного комьюнити, для русскоязычных пользователей отдельный форум - http://legiondep.com/ru/forum
  13. Russian Warlock who abuse a bug

    The error will be fixed in the upcoming update on July 12.
  14. баг с пвп навыком

    Это иностранный форум, пожалуйста сообщите об ошибке в русское комьюнити
  15. 75X Hacker


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