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    As far as we know, the problem has already been resolved. This is true?
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    The trolling for information quest does not work like it should. In fact, it doesn't work at all. Who - CigatronixWhat - In World of Warcraft, the quest "Trolling for Information" is where you go scout 3 different soothsayer trolls in Coldridge Valley. When you walk up and get near the soothsayer trolls, they speak out dialogue and then that troll is checked off for that quest once they are done with their dialogue. In this server, the soothsayers don't give out the dialogue so they can't be marked off for your quest. Therefore you cannot turn it in.Where - x10 Rates English server, Coldridge ValleyWhen - It started happening the moment I got the quest.How - I went back, and I tried over and over and it won't work.
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    Maybe you can also make the NPC´s bigger..? Was be great either Too many players around the NPC. At least no mounts allowed on that mall
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    Yes, that would be awesome tho.
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    Solved, you should be resurrected.
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    Who: Garcia What: Can not resurrect after death in the death knight quest where one have to kill 150 man and 10 catapults riding skeleton dragon (dont know name of the quest in english) Where: Legion x10 , Death Knight Starter location When: 3:30 AM MSK How: tried to restart game -> no result; tried to ask for help of teleportation (when character is stuck) -> no result;
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    Technical Support Representative Classification Legiondep is looking for Technical Support service members with English. As part of our team you'll be expected to offer assistance and guidance to players through the forums about any possible game client technical issue they may deal with. As such representative you required to be social, dedicated, professional, patient and most importantly respectful towards the members of the staff and community. Responsibilities: Assisting players with issues relating to the game client. Maintain regular consistent activity, professionalism, and punctuality. Investigating the issues and resolving them in the most efficient and respectful way. Providing excellent service to players, increasing our service quality. Other duties as assigned. Requirements You must be above the age of 24 years old. Proper writing and verbal communication skills in English. Must have knowledge and experience in Linux, Samba, SQL and TrinityCore. Excellent troubleshooting and monitoring skills. Capable of working independently. A Discord account of your own. Your application Must be written in excellent English. Should contain proper use for formal formats (paragraphs, punctuation etc.). Follow subjects are expected to be mentioned in your application: Information about yourself. Why we should consider you over someone else. The reason of your interest in this position. Previous Technical Support experience, if you have any. A character name. Your Discord Account. Your Forum name. You'll be paid depending on the time spent supporting our players and your feedback about technical issues you deal with. Status: Closed To apply press: HerePositions Available: 0 vacancies