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    • Mr. Anderson

      CAS System error fix   05/08/17

      Hello. Many players have experienced problems with running the game on our server. Basically, it was a problem with the CAS error, which is usually associated with the prohibition of writing and modifying files in the game directory. Our technical support team made a list of options that will help you solve the problem: The first way: Right-click on the file "Legiondep.exe" or "Legiondep-64.exe", then "Run as administrator". We try to go into the game, see if the problem is solved. The second method: Click on the folder with the game with the right mouse button and select "Properties"; Go to the "Security" tab; We find and press the button "Edit"; In the "Authenticated" window, select all the items and at the bottom of the window tick the "Full access"; Save and close; Run the game. The third way: Right click on the folder with the game. Select the "Properties" item. In the item "Attributes" uncheck "Read only". Click 'Apply' and in the suggested window, leave "To this folder and to all subfolders and files". The fourth way: Completely change the location of the game. For example, another folder on the disk. If you have the opportunity to copy the game not just to another folder, but to another disk, then you should do it. Before copying, we also make sure that we have full access to the place where we copy the game. Also do not forget to uncheck "Read only" in the folder properties. It is also necessary that the new location does not contain Cyrillic alphabet The fifth way: If you can not solve the access problem in the above ways, try to start the game with an incomplete client. The sixth way: Download the official Blizzard application; In the folder with the client, change the name of the files "Legiondep.exe" and "Legiondep-64.exe" to "wow.exe" and "wow-64.exe" respectively; Run the Blizzard application and specify the path to the folder with the game; Click update and wait for the update to finish; We enter the game to make sure that all problems have disappeared; Close the game and Blizzard; Download files from our server and copy them to the client folder, agreeing to a replacement; Run the file "Legiondep.exe" or "Legiondep-64.exe" from the game folder, depending on the bit depth of your system; We enter account information and are happy. The first way: Follow this link; Download the program and run; Take advantage of the free version, change your region. Restart the computer.

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  1. Today
  2. Artifact Knowledge

    I dont want to create same topic so im asking here what are we gonna do about artifact knowledge
  3. Yesterday
  4. Who - CdewjonesWhat - Earthen Shield STILL not working.... Where - Fun Realm, Starting MallWhen - 22/08/2017 How -I press the totem and nothing happens. the totems shows up as a non textured block on the ground. Earthen Shield Totem (wowhead-link): http://www.wowhead.com/spell=198838/earthen-shield-totem
  5. Simple as that: Nothrend tailoring is completely destroyed. The only frostweave cloth my toon could find on NPCs was in dungeons (FoS and Utgard Keep), and only small amount of it (10-20 cloth units) farmed from 1 or 2 NPCs. If realm is 75x and skill advancement and money are about 10x - then give us farming at least 5x please. And fix the Northrend please. P.S. I still haven't reached Cata tailoring and Pandaria. I hope farming is not broken there. Have a nice day
  6. Last week
  7. When i try to log in it says unable to connect.
  8. Error on startup

    Tried downloading this, now getting the CAS error. and I'm unable to change the data folder from read only. it just keeps reverting everytime I close it.
  9. Unable to start WoW up

    Whenever I try to change the folder from read only to writeable, it just reverts whenever I close the window.
  10. Not all the text in the game are english

    Hi AximaOblivion The Main Language from the Server-Core/Database is Russian
  11. I changed my language to english but sometimes when i talk to npc the text is not in english.
  12. Unable to start WoW up

    irakli.karanadze11 1. Try to start as admin (if you can) 2. Remove the write protection from the WoW folder
  13. Unable to start WoW up

    now what to do ?
  14. Unable to start WoW up

    SET gxWindow "1" SET gxMaximize "0" SET textLocale "enUS" SET audioLocale "enUS" SET playIntroMovie "7" SET portal "login.legiondep.com" ((((
  15. Unable to start WoW up

    Sry i cant help at mac but one fun fact They Copied this from Firestorm go to WTF you see Firestorm.WTF
  16. Unable to start WoW up

    yes ((( and copy in game folder
  17. Unable to start WoW up

    You Downloaded from this? http://cdn.legiondep.com/en/Legiondep_715_MAC.zip
  18. Unable to start WoW up

    look i add screenshot
  19. Unable to start WoW up

    Hi irakli.karanadze11 you mean at WoW login screen?
  20. Unable to start WoW up

    i have macbook pro and i can't connect, what to do ? can someone help me ?
  21. Unable to start WoW up

    Make Right click on DATA folder and go to settings and uncheck read only. If you still have this error try to start WoW as Admin or Stream the game (Download while you play)
  22. Game Crash

    What region do i change it to ?
  23. Unable to start WoW up

    me too
  24. can't seem to connect

    anyway the problem is solved i figured it out i just forgot to grab the legiondep launcher
  25. Earlier
  26. When exactly comes the mega update?
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