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    • Mr. Anderson

      CAS System error fix   05/08/17

      Hello. Many players have experienced problems with running the game on our server. Basically, it was a problem with the CAS error, which is usually associated with the prohibition of writing and modifying files in the game directory. Our technical support team made a list of options that will help you solve the problem: The first way: Right-click on the file "Legiondep.exe" or "Legiondep-64.exe", then "Run as administrator". We try to go into the game, see if the problem is solved. The second method: Click on the folder with the game with the right mouse button and select "Properties"; Go to the "Security" tab; We find and press the button "Edit"; In the "Authenticated" window, select all the items and at the bottom of the window tick the "Full access"; Save and close; Run the game. The third way: Right click on the folder with the game. Select the "Properties" item. In the item "Attributes" uncheck "Read only". Click 'Apply' and in the suggested window, leave "To this folder and to all subfolders and files". The fourth way: Completely change the location of the game. For example, another folder on the disk. If you have the opportunity to copy the game not just to another folder, but to another disk, then you should do it. Before copying, we also make sure that we have full access to the place where we copy the game. Also do not forget to uncheck "Read only" in the folder properties. It is also necessary that the new location does not contain Cyrillic alphabet The fifth way: If you can not solve the access problem in the above ways, try to start the game with an incomplete client. The sixth way: Download the official Blizzard application; In the folder with the client, change the name of the files "Legiondep.exe" and "Legiondep-64.exe" to "wow.exe" and "wow-64.exe" respectively; Run the Blizzard application and specify the path to the folder with the game; Click update and wait for the update to finish; We enter the game to make sure that all problems have disappeared; Close the game and Blizzard; Download files from our server and copy them to the client folder, agreeing to a replacement; Run the file "Legiondep.exe" or "Legiondep-64.exe" from the game folder, depending on the bit depth of your system; We enter account information and are happy. The first way: Follow this link; Download the program and run; Take advantage of the free version, change your region. Restart the computer.
    • Selendis

      Update Legiondep Launcher   08/09/17

      Hello friends and comrades. We upgraded the Legiondep startup program to version Short list of changes: Fixed initialization errors Fixed an issue where the antivirus cursed the launcher A number of minor changes in code optimization Changed the world statistics block And as many small, but very necessary corrections. To upgrade to this version, run Legiondep Launcher on behalf of the administrator and he will do everything for you.
      If you do not have a launcher, or have difficulties updating (but before you delete it) - download it.

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  1. Last week
  2. problem connect

    Hello i am new here, and i find dis server online top vote ,i just install luncher but i have problem ,when i login is stuck connectig... pls help me. thank you.
  3. demon hunter honor talent 8.Demonic Origins not working Demonic Origins Honor TalentRequires Demon Hunter (Havoc)Requires level 8Requires honor level 8The cooldown of Metamorphosis is reduced by 2 min, but now lasts 15 sec.While not in Metamorphosis, your damage is increased by 10%
  4. demon hunter honor talent 8.Demonic Origins not working not working %10 damage -- reduced 2 min cooldown and but now lasts 15 sec. passive skill not working please help Demonic Origins Honor TalentRequires Demon Hunter (Havoc)Requires level 8Requires honor level 8The cooldown of Metamorphosis is reduced by 2 min, but now lasts 15 sec.While not in Metamorphosis, your damage is increased by 10%
  5. Earlier
  6. Ghostbusters

    Hello, dear friends! On October, 15th (Sunday) an event "Ghostbusters" will take place on the x75 realm. In order to win, you will need to catch escaped ghosts, who in turn will have to hide from you. General information 3 players from the Alliance and 3 players from the Horde will be selected to be ghosts. They will be teleported to the zone of the event beforehand in order them to have enought time to hide from the ghostbusters. As soon as all the ghosts hide the ghostbusters will be summoned. The number of the ghostbusters is unlimited both from the Alliance and from the Horde. As a whole, there will be 6 winners but the places will be from 1 to 3 for the event zones of the Alliance and the Horde will be different. The places will be determined according to the time of ghost catching - the sooner you caught the higher is the place. So, the first player, who will catche a ghost, will be on the first place. The event will be limited in time; once the time is up all the ghostbusters will be teleported out of the location and the rest of the prizes will be given to uncached ghosts. Rules The usage of professions, toys and pets is forbidden. The usage of skills (including stealth, blinks, portals and similar non-combat skills) is forbidden. A player, who will kill a ghost using skills, will be banned and won't get any prize. It's forbidden to leave the raid during the event. The player who, will leave the raid, will be expelled from the event. IF YOU VIOLATE THESE RULES YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE BANNED FOR 3 DAYS!!! Rewards: 1st place - Mount and a rank by choice or 8 items for transmogrification 2nd place - Mount and an exclusive costume or 5 items for transmogrification 3rd place - Mount and 3 items for transmogrification or an exclusive costume How to get onto this event? It's simple: the announcement for the event recruiting will start at 6 pm Moscow time in the game. You will need to text a GM, who will be accomplishing the recruitment, and wait untill you are transferred to the place of the tournament. The recruitment will start at 6.30 pm Moscow time and it will be continuing for 30 mins or until the group is completed. Not all of us have experienced seeing a ghost and, moreover, catching one!
  7. 1.Cyclonspame 2.11/10/2017 3. 4. зашел на бг начал оскорблять
  8. 1. Основной 2. 11/10/2017 3. 4.Играл на бг , начали оскорблять .
  9. Warriors of Horde and Alliance! We invite you to participate in a tournament for the title of the best warrior of Azaroth! This event will start on october, 14th and it will be held monthly. The tournament format is 1x1 on an arena via a command ".challenge". Follow the link to get more information.
  10. Warriors of Horde and Alliance! We invite you to participate in a tournament for the title of the best warrior of Azaroth! This event will start on october, 14th and it will be held monthly. The tournament format is 1x1 on an arena via a command ".challenge". Follow the link to get more information.
  11. Legiondep Tournament

    Hello, dear players! Starting with 14.10.2017 a 1x1 PvP tournament will be set. This tournament will take place on the FUN realm once a month but both FUN and x75 players will be able to participate in it. The rewards can be given to any chosen realm (the x75 and FUN rewards will be different). Event discription: The tournament will be held in the «Double Elimination» format, i.e. if you loose a battle you are sent into the «Loser» group and you will continue to fight in it. The final matches will be held in BO3 and BO5 formats - so, there won't be any lucky winners. After getting enough players we will make up a table, which will be updating in real-time, the link on it will be on the Discord of out project. All the battles will take place via the .challenge "player's name" command. Rules: The use of other equipment except the starting one is forbiden; Fighting out of turn is forbidden; All PvP actions except the duel are forbidden in the zone of the event; The use of "Healing" and "Tank" specializations is forbidden. FUN realm rewards: 1st place: 2 items of 900 level by choice (non-legendary) + a rank by choice + 5 items for transmogrification by choice; 2nd place: 1 item of 900 level by choice (non-legendary) + Mark of Honorх75 + 4 items for transmogrification by choice 3rd place: Mark of Honorх75 + Glory of the Meleeх10 + 3 items for transmogrification by choice х75 realm rewards: 1 место: 2 items of 880 level by choice + a rank by choice + 5 items for transmogrification by choice 2 место: 1 item of 880 level by choice + a mount by choice + 4 items for transmogrification by choice 3 место: A mount by choice + 3 items for transmogrification by choice + Glory of the Meleeх10 How to get into the tournament? It's simple: the announcement for the tournament will be form 5 pm to 6 pm Moscow time and the tournament will start after the group completion. You will need to text a GM, who will be accomplishing the recruitment, and wait untill you are transferred to the place of the tournament. The announcements will take place on both realms at the same time. We will be happy to see you there! And let the strongest win!
  12. Development plan

    Other: The ability to fulfill targets for tasks if you were nearby or inflicted some damage to a NPC that is already being struck is added. Archaeology is realized. Mythic+: Targets for scenarios in the dungeons of mythic+ were fixed. Development started: Realization of artifact shapes. Achievement http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11190.
  13. Development plan

    Mythic+: The basic implementation of the mythic+ Opcodes disassembled Most asfixes implemented Bonuses received items with myth + realized The key now can no longer be thrown out, it also now has a timer of existence, and it is nominal (can't be transferred through the exchange) Keeping the level and characteristics for the key, loading with a relog or a crash Synchronizing the key's lifetime. When your character is not in the game, the time of its existence continues to decrease Now the cups are only in mythic 0+ and myth + Now moves to the desired point when activated Now, upon activation, the boot screen appears and the card is correctly rebooted Should earn non-working hooks, can affect and some non-working asfixes Now when you exit and re-enter the dungeon, the timer is correctly displayed Now the dungeon is updated with each use of the key, so now there will be no cooldown in the mythic +
  14. Development plan

    Dear friends! A colossal amount of work has been done for the last 9 months. I think that players, who took part in open beta-testing and closed beta testing and who were with us at the opening of the project, have spotted that. When we opened there was extremely little content. Right now it's more than enough but we don't stop here. In this topic, we are going to write everything that was realized. We will write what development plans we have and what the players should wait for in the near future. The following isn't supposed to be in the next update! This list is a plan for future updates. General: Profession of archeology Legion professions rework Mythic+ launching Development of class strongholds Artifact appearance realization Story line in Suramar x75: Supercampaign FUN: New oppurtunities for the realm Dungeons and raids development: Rework in the style of Blizzard - The Emerald Nightmare (Xavius and realization of Elerethe Renferal) Rework in the style of Blizzard - Trial of Valor (Guarm and Helya) Epic mode launching - Trial of Valor All Legion dungeons correction Start of The Nighthold developing Rework in the style of Blizzard - The Nighthold Epic mode launching - The Nighthold And old dungeons and raids will be worked with as a last resort. Classes development: Stock charactiristics rewriting Classes balancing in the style of Blizzard Realization of unrealized skills Improper working skill correction Rework of legendary items Rework of artifact features Rework of PvP-talents We will also be informing you on the matter of work on one or another system in this topic.
  15. my Account

    good morning pls can some one delete my acconut ([email protected]) thankk you
  16. Launcher not working

    I did, I tried win8,7,xp . Still same issue.
  17. Launcher not working

    Hello. Please try to start the launcher in compatibility mode.
  18. {Quest} Magic Message

    The quest "Magic Message" (ID = 39986) there is supposed to be an arcane anomaly in front of Khadgar. But there isn't one. So you can't complete it or even do the quest at all. It is the start to the Suramar quest chain. (most important quest seem to be not working on this server.)
  19. I downloaded the launcher from "FAQ " and installed it to where I have the game client installed. I have done everything from CAS fix to permissions, and every time I run it as administrator and open it it just gives me this. (Photo below)
  20. Report --> Amisshunt

    Hello. Unfortunately, we do not have penalties for spam in private messages. You can add this player to the black list.
  21. this noob spamm me 1hour.. if i beat him in duel... http://prntscr.com/grwnvi http://prntscr.com/grwo0c http://prntscr.com/grwom http://prntscr.com/grwotz thx gm
  22. Frost Mage Traits

    Who - DellqnWhat -Chilled to the Core, Shield of Alodi ( and a few more) http://www.wowhead.com/spell=195448/chilled-to-the-core http://www.wowhead.com/spell=195354/shield-of-alodiWhere - Fun Realm, LegiondepWhen - 29.09.2017, around 19:20 pm GMT+2How - Icy Veins ( ICE FORM , if you have it selected it replaces Icy Veins) encases you in ice, increasing your Frost damage dealt by 20%., Having Ice Form selected does NOT proc the 20% + DMG buff, same thing with the other trait ( Shield of Alodi). So now Chilled to the Core doesnt affect Ice Form it only affects Icy Veins. For the record, it worked fine for like 2 months it stopped working after the last Changelog a few days ago.
  23. Event: "Bug-Tracker"Activist

    Hello, friends! Our project development is well under way but we are still in need of constructive bug-reports on relevant problems. Having thought it over with our team, we decided to run a campaign: The most active participants of the Bugtracker division will get prizes according to the following criteria: For a well-formalized bug they will get a certain amount of points according to the category, in which the report was texted. Events and achievements - 0.5 point Quests - 0.5 point Classes - 1 point Dungeons and raids - 1 point Battlegrounds and arenas - 1 point Class strongholds and garrisons - 0.5 point Professions and skills - 1 point Items and stuff - 1 point Population - 0.5 point Localization - 1 point For a certain amount of points the participants will be given prizes: 3 points - An item on Artifact Force + 3000 of gold; 5 points - http://www.wowhead.com/item=139390 2x; 7 points - 25'000 of gold + СА item х10 (realm х75) or СА item х30 (realm FUN); 10 points - Forum rank + 25 reputation; 15 points - Forum colour + 50 reputation; 20 points - Forum icon + 100 coins + 25 bonuses; 30 points - Improved forum icon + 250 coins + 50 bonuses; 40 points - Perfect forum icon + any 6 items for transmogrification + 25 bonuses; 50 бpoints - Access to a test realm with some number of commands and privileges for testing. Accepted bugs are the topics that: are in accordance with the rules of defect formalization according to the subcategory; have visual and understandable examples; have never been in Bugtracker. Campaign terms: Bug-reports, sent before 27.09.2017 are not considered; Dulicates of existing defects in all of the subcategiries are not considered; Already fixed defects are not considered; The campaign will start since September, 27, after the server update. The duration of the campaign - unlimited.
  24. Event "Escorting"

    Greetings to all of you! On Saturday (30.09.17) on the FUN realm the event "Escorting" will be held. You will have to help an Alliance Hero to get to the Council of Ironforge. Alliance's aims The strongest warriors of the Alliance need to help their Hero to reach the Council of Ironforge defending him from the attacts of the Horde. You won't be able to heal the Hero for his shield absorbs any incoming healing, so, don't waste your time. If your Hero dies and he hasn't reached the Council of Ironforge your side will be considered loosers and won't get anything. In case if you take him to the Council you will win and get prizes. During the event you are allowed to respawn yourself and respawn others unlimitedly. Horde's aims The warriors of the Horde need to stop the Hero of the Alliance and don't let him reach the Council of the Ironforge by all means (well, you have to kill him). Attack altogether or kill his guards first? It's up to you! You will get help from the strongest Horde's Berserk, who will give you some hints how to plan the attack, so, I recommend you to listen to him. As soon as the dead body of the Alliance's Hero falls onto the cold ground the Horde will be considered winners and you will get your rewards! General info The event will be 10х10, 10 Horde's players and 10 Alliance's players (the first 10 players to text "+" in GM's personal messages will be taken into the team), no artefact weapons after teleportation to the event, you can buy weapons at a special vendor. You are also not allowed to equip your artifact weapons during the event! After everybody is equipped you will be given useful auras, which will last up until the end of the event. Your leader will give you some advice and tactics of combat, it's up to you whether or not to listen to his advice. What are the rules? No FLYING mounts (unless the GM let you use them) No toys, pets, costumes or other visual items. No raid abandoning during the event. The player who will leave the raid will be expelled from the event. FOR VIOLATION THE VIOLATOR'S ACCOUNT WILL BE BANNED FOR 24 HOURS!! No artefact weapons (at the event you use the weapons you take at the beginning of the event) (THE BAN FOR VIOLATION OF THAT RULE IS 72 HOURS!) GM, give me, please (add whatever you want). NO, I WON'T! Here is the list of prizes: The winners will get Mark of Honor х50 and Glory of a Melee х10. In the same way, all players will receive unique tabards, regardless of whether you won or lost. http://www.wowhead.com/item=23705/tabard-of-flame (you can choose a color for your taste, this link is an example of a cape) (Instead of Glory of a Melee the players will be offered: exclusive costumes, toys, 2 items for transmogrification by choice (except the unavailable items). How to get to the event? It's easy: the announcement of the event gathering will be in the game. You will need just to text the GM who does the gathering and wait until you will be teleported to the event's place. The announcements will begin at 6 p.m. Moscow time, the gathering will begin at 6:30 p.m. Moscow time and will be continuing for 30 minutes or until the group is full. I hope that nobody will disgrace the honour of his fraction and everyone will fight for it untill the very end!
  25. Warlock Huge Bug!!!

    I hope they do ma man it will be so much fun
  26. Resto sham bugs

    " Lightning Surge Totem" and "Voodoo Totem" sometimes doesn't work properly. "Earthen Shield Totem" bugs most of the time "Ascendance" doesn't last 15 second it stop every time you use one heal spell "Calming Waters" This is a god like bug , you can cast as much as you want without getting interrupted "Counterstrike Totem" apperently bugs from time to time, not working all the time "Voodoo Totem" it burns how it's not working :'( "Wind Rush Totem" not wroking at all "Earthen Shield Totem" not working... "Bottomless Depths" never trigger "Graceful Spirit" same "Deluge" "Ancestral Protection Totem" "Tidebringer"don't know about them
  27. Me has baneado por tres dias y eso es injusto, Tuve un bug y un jugador me reporto, Y aparecio el gm Pero fue inecesario or que no use ningun hack y me han baneado
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