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    • Mr. Anderson

      Players code of conduct   27/02/17

      Given below rules are obligatory for reading and following by all the users of this project. Remember that ignorance of the rules is no excuse for reprieving. By registering on the site of our project, you automatically agree with all the rules on the server. The administration doesn't take responsibility for any damage or impairment caused by the game on this server; The administration doesn't take responsibility for permanent or temporary lack of access to the server for a particular user or a group of users. Access freezing can be caused by your violation of the rules of this server. The administration reserves the rights to close the access to the server or to the subnetwork itself for a particular user at any time suitable to the administration  without explaining the reason; The admininstration kindly asks you to draw your attention to the fact that all the responsibility lies on the owner of the account no matter who has commited the violation from the account; The administration doesn't take responsibility for the user's carelessness towards the safety rules of ones account. It's necessary to read all the rules on how to improve your account safety. The password and the e-mail are fully owned by the player, so the user regulates the safety of his data on his own; The administration reserves all the rights to take any measures needed to preserve order and sustainability within the game world. Violation of any given rule can cause immediate or postponed punishment by means of such measures without limitation as; Temporary access restriction to our server; Termination of access to the game world by  IP address; Alteration to the parameters of the account or the character, including withdrawal without limitations of experience points, skill points, level points, fines in the game currency or items. Temporary restriction or permanent termination of access (permanent ban) to the user's account on the server. The administration reserves the rights to the denial of service to any user who violates the rules of the agreement or the rules of the server; The administration doesn't give back the coins/currency for purchasing a wrong item, accomplished by mistake or user's carelessness. It's necessary to pay close attention to the conditions essential to the item usage. If you have purchased the item unsuitable for your character, you won't be able to use it or demand the coin "refund". Items achieved through your client account do not give player the right to use their backlogs for player's advantage. Otherwise it'll be equal to the bug-use no matter how the item was received; The administration reserves the rights to make changes any time suitable to any point of the current rules of the server without prior notification. Every user of the project periodically has to check out the rules of the project and their possible changes; The account lock-out given by the senior management of the administration is not appealable; The administration doesn't take responsibility for user's Internet speed or connection quality. All the demands on the technical or connection support should be made towards user's Internet provider; When it comes to the interpretation of the rules relating to the particular violation, the final word remains with the administration of the server. Game master/forum's moderator is in power to give ban/mute as he may in his discretion think fit according to the game regulations in force. If you're not comfortable with the game rules and regulations we may ask you to refrain from playing on our game servers. Game process: Type of violation: Cheating - using off-site programmes, including multiboxing programmes and bots, for  giving you unfair advantage unspecified and unprovided by the mechanics of the game for gaining experience, items, game currency, speed capacity and further advantages over other players. If the programme is applied by the raid/group then thw whole raid/group may be banned. Punishment: First violation - a 10-day account blocking Second violation - a 30-day account blocking Third violation - permanent account lock-up       2. Type of violation: Misapplication abuse - bug-use - in some cases game bugs may be used to gain unfair advantage over other players or to have the negative impact on the game as a whole. The following factors may be taken into consideration while applying certain measures towards the user's account: Committed violation was intentional and/or repeated The violation inflicted damage on another player, economics, game process or game as a whole There was an attempt to hide the fact of committed violation Extreme violations are considered to be the following: The violation that inflicted the serious damage on the economics of the game The violation that triggered partial or total server suspension and/or the whole game world working process - crash Punishment: First violation - a 3-day account blocking Second violation - a 10-day account blocking Third violation - a 30-day account lock-up      3. Type of violation: Leaving the battlefield or the arena during the operation. All the reports on one's inaction are closely investigating and the punishment will proceed only in case of confirmation. We are going to warn and ban inactive players using the account blocking. Punishment: 24-hour or more account blocking with/or honor points removal and withdrawal of rewards obtained with their help      4. Type of violation: Usage and storage of forbidden user's interface modifications - The rules allow to recast user's interface only with the files permitted for the modification. However, it's forgidden for the user to modify his interface for getting advantage or any other profit over other players. Punishment: a 30-day account blocking      5. Type of violation: Chip dumping Punishment: from 30 to 60 days of user's account lock-up The punishment may be also applied in cases of regular "no-show" on the team's arena. Severe measures such as: PvP items withdrawal (no matter whether they were obtained for bonuses or in a gaming process), arena's team removal and arena points resetting, will be applied towards the violators of this very type. Chat rules These rules are aimed at explaining of how to behave oneself in the chat and what can be expected from the other players. Bear in mind that all these rules are non-exhaustive and do not describe all possible situations of unsuitable conduct. The administration holds the final word in all cases. The following channels are subjected to chat moderations: Public, Trade, Defence, Co-players search. Violations that lead to the account blocking are subjected to moderation in all game channels. Attention! In violating several points of the game rules the punishment is issued by means of the highest level of one of the points, not summarizing.     6. Type of violation: Inadequate behavior or any attempts to set a conflict on inter-ethnic grounds. Punishment: a 320-minute chat blocking This category covers all openly written or hidden statements, such as: incitement of ethnic hatred implication of the symbols that can cause the incitement of ethnic hatred incitement of racial intolerance offensive statements towards any forms of religion or religious leaders      7. Type of violation: Advertising of forbidden resources, off-site game servers, cheat codes or programmes, server bugs, pornography. Punishment: Permanent account lock-up      7.1 This category includes advertising by means of in-game e-mailing when the advertisements are pushed purposefully.      7.2 Advertising of commercial and non-commercial projects, polling services, public questionaries, social networking groups or any other Internet resources are strictly prohibited. Punishment 7.2: a 1000-minute chat blocking      8. Type of violation: Swear words, coverted with symbols swear words Punishment: a 15-minute or more chat blocking      9. Type of violation: User's offence addressing towards particular player or players, guilds or all the players altogether, assault of players' families and relatives. Any attempts of humiliation or harassment fall within this punishment. Punishment: a 60-minute or more chat blocking      10. Type of violation: Game master's offence addressing towards particular project member, his family and relatives. Any attempts of humiliation or harassment fall within this punishment. Punishment: a 10-day or more account blocking     11. Type of violation: Subvertisement of the project such as: rumour spreading, black-washing the project and/or the administration of the project, desinformation about the operability and working capacity of the of the project and/or insulting the project itself in any other way. Punishment: a 15-day or  more account blocking Enjoy the game! Respectfully, the Administration of the project.
    • Selendis

      Forum Update   04/08/17

      Hello, friends.
      We updated the forum for an international people!
      Let's hope that you will like everything!
    • Mr. Anderson

      CAS System error fix   05/08/17

      Hello. Many players have experienced problems with running the game on our server. Basically, it was a problem with the CAS error, which is usually associated with the prohibition of writing and modifying files in the game directory. Our technical support team made a list of options that will help you solve the problem: The first way: Right-click on the file "Legiondep.exe" or "Legiondep-64.exe", then "Run as administrator". We try to go into the game, see if the problem is solved. The second method: Click on the folder with the game with the right mouse button and select "Properties"; Go to the "Security" tab; We find and press the button "Edit"; In the "Authenticated" window, select all the items and at the bottom of the window tick the "Full access"; Save and close; Run the game. The third way: Right click on the folder with the game. Select the "Properties" item. In the item "Attributes" uncheck "Read only". Click 'Apply' and in the suggested window, leave "To this folder and to all subfolders and files". The fourth way: Completely change the location of the game. For example, another folder on the disk. If you have the opportunity to copy the game not just to another folder, but to another disk, then you should do it. Before copying, we also make sure that we have full access to the place where we copy the game. Also do not forget to uncheck "Read only" in the folder properties. It is also necessary that the new location does not contain Cyrillic alphabet The fifth way: If you can not solve the access problem in the above ways, try to start the game with an incomplete client. The sixth way: Download the official Blizzard application; In the folder with the client, change the name of the files "Legiondep.exe" and "Legiondep-64.exe" to "wow.exe" and "wow-64.exe" respectively; Run the Blizzard application and specify the path to the folder with the game; Click update and wait for the update to finish; We enter the game to make sure that all problems have disappeared; Close the game and Blizzard; Download files from our server and copy them to the client folder, agreeing to a replacement; Run the file "Legiondep.exe" or "Legiondep-64.exe" from the game folder, depending on the bit depth of your system; We enter account information and are happy. The first way: Follow this link; Download the program and run; Take advantage of the free version, change your region. Restart the computer.
    • Selendis

      Update Legiondep Launcher   08/09/17

      Hello friends and comrades. We upgraded the Legiondep startup program to version Short list of changes: Fixed initialization errors Fixed an issue where the antivirus cursed the launcher A number of minor changes in code optimization Changed the world statistics block And as many small, but very necessary corrections. To upgrade to this version, run Legiondep Launcher on behalf of the administrator and he will do everything for you.
      If you do not have a launcher, or have difficulties updating (but before you delete it) - download it.


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