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    • Server maintenance is complete.
      Thank you for your patience.
    • Tonight ours servers will be offline due to planned maintenance which was caused by the instability of the overall connectivity and performance of the server. Unfortunately our initial release of the server didn't go as we planned, but it could have been worse than what we've expected and that's why we decided to take down the server just for tonight and apply some fixes, so hopefully there aren't going to be such issues tomorrow. Tonight we were prepared for 1500 players, but we were quickly overrun by over 2500 players which wanted to connect to our servers and this was the reason of which you all had issue with connecting to it. Once everything is setup up and server is back online, all players will be credited with nice rewards from our team in advance. Expect the server to be back online approximately between 4:30AM and 6:30AM Moscow time
      We apologize for any inconvenience   
    • Hello! This is English forum. If you make a request in russian language - I suggest you to go to the Russian forum page. 
      The topic with instructions you need is right here: http://legiondep.com/ru/forum/topic/58-как-подключиться-к-серверу/

      Здравствуйте! Это - английский форум. Если пишите заявку на русском языке - советую пойти на русский форум.
      Тема с инструкцией, нужной Вам, находится тут: http://legiondep.com/ru/forum/topic/58-как-подключиться-к-серверу/
    • Дорогие ребята, хочу попробовать начать играть на вашем сервере, но у меня клиент 7.1 версии а у вас пишет что 7.1.5, вы можете скинуть как нибудь сайты откуда скачать можно патчи до 7.1.5, просто вся загвоздка в том что живу не в России и у меня трафик ограниченный, чтобы качать целый клиент через торрент...
    • If you believe any person has broken any of the LegionDep rules and policies please report them here but before you do you'll be required to provide screenshot or video evidence of the incident happening(Your evidence MUST not be cropped or manipulated in anyway meaning drawing on it with Paint etc.)  Failing to provide evidence will immediately result in your report being invalid. You need to have the following format when reporting a player: Player Name: Date of Incident: Evidence: Description: